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Self propelled compact capsule endoscopy, “MiniMermaid” system
Self propelled capsule endoscopy system with a fin
Swimming mini drone
Self propelled compact capsule endoscopy, “MiniMermaid” system
The self propelled compact capsule endoscopy system comprises a disposable MiniMermaid® whose configuration and size are the same as that of existing capsule endoscope and magnetic field generating controller.
Comoact MiniMermaid Magnetic field generating controller for compact MiniMermaid
The existing capsule endoscopy is widely used at home and abroad. Because this goes down in peristaltic movement like food through digestive tract and doctors cannot observe freely the affected parts, a target of examination is restricted to small intestine or colon. Contrastingly doctors can move and control the direction and speed of MiniMermaid freely by operating a controller and watching a real time viewer of images taken by a capsule. Therefore patient swallowing the capsule, examination of esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine and colon can be conducted at once without pain. Furthermore, due to no requirement of close contact with doctor and patient like endoscopy, this examination avoids the risk of infection such as COVID-19. The movement of the compact MiniMermaid is shown at the following video.

Introducing video of the compact MiniMermaid system is shown at the following site.https://youtu.be/OQdjNk9KkyU
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