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How to examine?
All you need to do is swallows the capsule with some water.
Do we feel pain during the examination?
No, we feel little pain.
Do we feel the movement of MiniMermaid during the examination?
No, after passing your throat we don’t feel where the MiniMermaid is.
Shall we require any preparation before the examination?
When you examine the esophagus, stomach and small intestine, you require to abstain from food after the previous night before the examination.
When you want to examine the colon, you require to clean it before the examination.
How to recover MiniMermaid?
It is discharged naturally without pain.
Have you applied MiniMermaid to a human?
Verification of the system’s efficacy has been confirmed by 30 trial runs on human beings.
When can we use MiniMermaid?
As we need medical approval before usage, we estimate around 3 years later.
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