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December 9, 2011 TV Osaka will broad our self-propelling capsule endoscope on television in the special program "the forefront of the medical service -- the latest medicine and medical tourism" at 15:00 to 15:55 on the 23rd of December. http://www.tv-osaka.co.jp/

Nobember 4, 2011 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes an international web site, "Web Japan", to introduce Japanese culture and trend. "Kids Web Japan" in the corner introduces Japanese fashion and topics to children. The report on "Japan's New Capsule Endoscopes -- "Swimming" through Your Digestive Systems" is appearing in the "High-tech" column.

October 4, 2011 The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) is an integrated organization of science and technology in our country that establishes an intrastructure for the entire process from the creation of knowledge to the return to the society. Movies on "Examination of the digestive tract by just swallowing -- development of self propelling capsule endoscope" were carried by "Science News" of JST.

September 30, 2011 The comics article on "Swimming! Self propelling capsule endoscope" was introduced at the "Frontier" page in October issue of the selected magazine, NEC BIGLOBE "Saai Isara."
Comics by Natomimiwa.
NEC BIGLOBE "saai Isara" October, 2011issue

September 13, 2011 The self propelling capsule endoscope which was used in in-vivo examination of dog’s stomach and the video movies were exhibited at the Advanced Technology Exhibition Hall @ TEPIA, Tokyo. The exhibition will be displayed from April, 2011 to March, 2012. The entrance is free of charge.

The aspect of TEPIA hall and the exhibition.

September 12〜14, 2011 Papers on “Proposed allowable depth of local corrosion in bottom plate of oil storage tank to prevent low cycle fatigue” and on “In vivo application of self propelling capsule endoscope by using magnetic force” were orally presented at the 2011 JSME Annual Conference in Tokyo.

September 6〜8, 2011 Plenary speech on "Development of Self-Propelling Capsule Endoscope and Its Application to Human" was presented at 15th Symposium on Nanoengineering and Microsystem Technology(2011 NMC)in Taipei, Taiwan sponsored by the Nanotechnology and Micro System Association (NMA: http://www.nma.org.tw/En/Introduction/). Invited speech on the same subject was also presented at National Taipei University of Technology.
Signboard, reception desk of 2011 NMC and NTUT campus.

July 26, 2011 National newspapers reported the contents of the press announcement on our results of in-vivo observation of human stomach and colon on the 21st of June. The articles are shown in the following news papers.
The Asahi, The SankeiThe Hochi SportsThe Nikkan BusinessThe NikkeiThe MainichiThe Yomiuri
July 4, 2011 The meaning of our self-propelling capsule endoscope was covered by the following NHK English program "Radio Japan Focus."
­The title of the broadcast: Radio Japan Focus
­Broadcasting time and date: 14:15 to 14:29 on the 12nd of July (Tuesday, in the Japanese standard time)
­The medium: in English. NHK 2nd Cannel will broadcast also.
Audences in 172 countries can moniter the program simultaneously in 17 languages including English by short wave broadcast "NHK Japan."
The broadcast can be heard also for a week by clicking the speaker sign "July 21" in radio display after clicking "Radio & Podcast" tag in the web site www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld

June 27,2011 The news program "Jornal Nacional" of Brazilian TV agency "TV Globo" interviewed us and will broad our self-propelling capsule endoscope on television the next day. The digital satellite broadcast and the cable TV "Sky Perfect" will televise the program in Japan.
The interviewing scene by TV Globo is shown in the following pictures.
Scene in interview by TV Globo in Brazil

June 24,2011 The Mainichi Broadcasting interviewed our compay on self-propelling capsule endoscope and broaded on the program "Seyanen! That's right" at 9:25 on the 25th of June. See http://www.mbs.jp/seyanen/
June 21, 2011 Mu Ltd. released the news on the successful observations of human stomach and colon by self-propelling capsule endoscope to the press with the cooperative Ryukoku University and Osaka Medical College.
Te results were broaded on news programs of major nationwide television and evening newspapers on that day.
(For the announced detail, see Application of Self propelling capsule endoscope (fin type) to human : Press released on June, 2011 in the Project tag of this home page. )
Scene in press release

June 21, 2011 NHK World televised our results on self-propelling capsule endoscope all over the world.
The news program can be seen simultaneously anytime in Japan at http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/

May 8, 2011 The president, Ohtsuka made an oral presentation of the paper on "Observation of human stomach by using a body-friendly and self-propelling capsule endoscope" at the international conference on DDW2011 (Digestive Disease Week) in Chicago, USA.
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