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Main Research Themes Which Have Been Investigated
Research & Development on Equipment/System for Next Generation:
   Micro-machine for medical use, New type of wind power generation, New transportation system for relatively short distance, etc.

Fracture Mechanics:
   Mechanics of brittle fracture, Procedure on fracture toughness testing, Fracture surface analysis (Fractography, FRASTA analysis), etc.

Strength of Materials:
   Effect of coating film on protection of scattering of glass, Hydrogen embrittlement, Ductile failure, Fatigue at elevated temperature, Thermal fatigue, Low cycle fatigue, Very high cycle fatigue, etc.

Stress Analysis, Structural Analysis, Finite Element Method (FEM):
   Demolition of building by dynamite bursting, Simple demolition of wooden building, Strength of building against earthquake, Mechanism of slip of active fault, etc.

Failure Analysis:
   Failure analysis of plant components, Technical judgement for courthouse, Judgement on accident for police office of prefecture, etc.

・Life Prediction or Damage Evaluation:
   Oil storage tank, Nuclear pressure vessel, etc.

Non-Destructive Evaluation:
   Degradation of material, Evaluation of bonding strength of drilling tip, Ultrasonic testing, Electric potential method, Acoustic emission method, tec.

Development of Equipment/Devices:
   Equipment for reducing volume of foam polystyrene by heating, Large carrying trailer, Folding bicycle, Wheelchair, tec.

Optical or Acoustic Application:
   Adjusting eyeglass for color blindness, Measuring device for three dimensional configuration, Active noise controller, etc.
Main Patents Applied
1."Medical Equipment," Patent Proposal No. 2011-193255, H.Nishihara, N.Ohtsuka, Y.Shindo and K.Higuchi.

2."Fin for Self Propelling Capsule in Living Body, System for Self Propelling System in Living Body, Generating system for Alternative Magnetic Fields, and Medical System," Patent Proposal No.2007-125080、N. Ohtsuka, Y.Shindo and K. Hayakawa.

3."Micro-machine," Patent Proposal No. 2005-028280, N. Ohtsuka, Y. Shindo, K. Hayakawa.

4."Micro-machine," Patent Proposal No. 2006-027780, N. Ohtsuka, Y. Shindo and Y. Tanaka.

5."Micro-machine, Actuator System, Its Program and its Memory Medium," Patent Proposal No. 2005-028234、N. Ohtsuka, Y. Shindo, Y. Natsume and T. Abe.

6."System for Wind Power Generation," Pataent Proposal No.2007-018342, N. Ohtsuka.

7."System for Wind Power Generation by Applying Oscillation of Liquid," Patent Proposal No.2003-372005, N. Ohtsuka.

8."Testing Method of Corrosion Damege by Applying Electric Potential Method," Patent Proposal No.2005-73859, N. Ohtsuka, H. Yabe, T. Hirayama, Y. Shindo and T. Hurui
9."Disposal Procedure and System for Reducing Volume of Rejected Foam Plastics Materials," Patent Proposal No.2002-301655, I. Shimizu, T. Nishidoi, N. Ohtsuka and K. Tokuyama.

10."Non-contact Measuring System for Three Dimensional Configuration," Patent Proposal No.63-  , N. Ohtsuka and M. Nakano.

11."Scanning System for Three Dimensional Scanning Microscope," Patent Proposal No. 62-249175, N. Ohtsuka and M. Nakano.

12."Three Dimensional Scanning Microscope," Patent Proposal No.62-249174, N. Ohtsuka and M. Nakano.
Main Books Published
1. "Strength of Materials by Using Windows PC," Shokabo Publishing, 2008 (Single author).

2. Strength of Materials Using PC, Kyoritsu Publishing, 1995 (Single author).

3. PC Evaluation of Failure of Mateirals, Kyoritsu Pblishing, 1989 (Single author).

4. Health Monitoring of Machine, Plant component, _Building, Civil Structure and Medicine, Kyoritsu Publishing, 1999 (Co-author).

5. New Handbook for Safety, Safety Engineering Association, 1999 (Co-author).

6. Predicting Technique on Residual Life for Power Plant and Structure, Japan Mechanical Engineering Society, 1992 (Co-author).

7. Revised Testing Method for Measuring Elasto-plastic Fracture Toughness, JIC, Japan Mechanical Engineering Society, 1992 (Co-author).

8. Handbook on Evaluation, Prediction and Maintenance of instrument, Fuji Technosystem, 1988 (Co-author).

9. Prevention of Failure of Pressure Vessels Used at Elevated Temperature and High Pressure, Safety Engineering Association, 1985 (Co-author).

10. Testing Method for Measuring Elasto-plastic Fracture Toughness, JIC, Japan Mechanical Engineering Society, 1992 (Co-author)

11. Technical Guideline on Prevention of Accidents and Maintenance of Complex--Provision against Earthquake on Chemical Plants, High Pressure Gas Safety Association, 1974 (Co-author).
Main Subjects in Educational Course
・Educational Course for Under Graduate Students:
Strength of materials, Numerical analysis, Structural mechanics, Failure of materials, Mechanical mechanics (Vibrating engineering and Mechanics of machines), Non-destructive evaluation, Welding engineeering and Modern technology

・Educational Course for Graduate Students:
Advanced applied mechanics (Elastic theory, Energy principal)

・Practice and Exercise Course:
Exercise for mechanical system engineering (Tensile testing and Impact testing), Computer exercise (Numerical analysis and Finite element method), Seminar, and Scientific and technical English

・Training Course for Foreigners:
Material properties and fracture of materials

・Course for industrial engineers:
Strength of materials, and Failure of materials

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